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20 Years contributing to the country's development

RAAS Group is a conglomerate of companies founded in 2003 in the Dominican Republic.

Dedicated to offering professional and outstanding services to the country’s markets thanks to the synergy of its numerous businesses concentrated in solar energy, water and construction.

Experience and support

We have the technical and expert capacity to accompany our clients regardless of the size of their tasks.

Thanks to the special assistance of our various business and organizational systems using our numerous products or services.

Corporate Group

RAAS Group is comprised of RAAS Solar, RAAS Agua, RAAS Construcciones and Premium Golf Construction.

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Wide and optimal options

A wide range of professional services and experienced specialists, backed by contemporary equipment and devices.

With a human group willing to satisfy every requirement within the agreed spending plans and deadlines, constantly seeking sustainability, development and constant improvement.

Our differentiating factor

We are defined by the effort and each person in our team, who enthusiastically attend essential services, adjusting with versatility to each requirement.

With the ability of people and the relationship with customers, we want to be leaders in providing services to the main markets of the public and private sector to become the best group that drives the development of the country.

RAAS Group Leadership

Carlos Grullón

President and Founder of RAAS Group.

Its starting point was RAAS Agua, focused on bringing state-of-the-art technology to the Dominican countryside with the sale of irrigation systems.

Carlos Grullón introduced the drip irrigation system technology to the Republic of Haiti, the first time this solution was used in the neighboring country.

He is the founder of Premium Golf Construction, which has participated in the development of important golf courses in the country, competing with foreign firms.

Raas Solar, the initiative on which he is mainly focused, has a 15-year track record of installing solar energy systems for industry, agriculture, commerce and homes.

Raas Group, which has a team of 300 highly qualified professionals and technicians committed to providing effective solutions.

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Our representatives are available to meet your needs for the development of your project.

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More than 844 million people in the world live without access to basic drinking water, and nearly three times as many lack access to basic sanitation. As a consequence, poverty, migration, chronic diseases and loss of educational hours increase.

RAAS Group guarantees people access to water and its sustainable management, positioning itself as a key player in the water treatment sector. Its innovative management seeks to solve the challenges surrounding the scarcity of water resources.