RAAS Constructions


Specialized in Infrastructure Works

Hydraulic, Civil and Electrical

We are in charge of searching, bidding and executing civil works contracts for the private and public sector.

Additionally, we execute projects in an integral manner, from conceptual and detail engineering, to the execution process, equipment, commissioning, coordination, management and logistics involved in order to meet the required deadlines.

About RAAS Construcciones

Who we are

RAAS Construcciones is part of RAAS Group, a diversified company that offers expert services and excellence to the industrial sector of the Dominican Republic, thanks to the synergy of its multiple companies specialized in clean energy, water and construction.

RAAS Group Business Group


We generate value through the internal training of our professionals. We look for experience, flexibility and service vocation to meet the deadlines and costs established by our partners and clients for the realization of projects.


We have the professional and technical capacity to accompany our clients regardless of the size of their projects.

Integral solutions for project development

With the support of all RAAS Group companies, we apply the criteria of economic, social, environmental and safety sustainability in all our areas of expertise.

Photovoltaic Farms and Electrical substations
Neighborhood Roads and Road Infrastructure
Soil Stabilization
Aqueducts and Intake Works

Construction of Photovoltaic Farms and Electrical substations

We are dedicated to the execution of photovoltaic parks, from land clearing and earthmoving to the installation of photovoltaic modules, inverters, structures and electrical connection and commissioning.


We are the nation’s leading builder of water storage infrastructure for agricultural use, landscaping, golf course lakes and ash basins.

With more than 5 million m2 of finished surface area.

Neighborhood Roads and Road Infrastructure

We have built hundreds of kilometers of country roads within farms and connecting municipalities in the interior of the country.

Soil Stabilization

We are specialists in the use of geosynthetics for stabilization of roads, slopes and fragile soils or with low mechanical consistency.

Aqueducts and Intake Works

We have installed hundreds of kilometers of pipelines in aqueducts, sewers, as well as water and wastewater treatment plants.

We have the experience of building water catchment works for human consumption and agricultural use.

Logo premium golf construction

Supporting local talent

Development of the golf industry at the national level

For the construction of a good golf course, we take advantage of the natural advantages of the terrain, we make efficient earthworks according to the designer’s requirements.

We use high quality irrigation and drainage materials to ensure the proper functioning of each of the installations made, we certify the sands and gravels in good laboratories.

Golf Tourism in the Dominican Republic

The D.R. has become one of the most attractive destinations for golfers in the world.

Dominican Republic is the golf capital of the Caribbean, currently we have about 28 golf courses, each one of them has a unique visual and harmonious combination with the environment and the community, placing the country as one of the most coveted destinations worldwide by golfers.

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Objective 6


More than 844 million people in the world live without access to basic drinking water, and nearly three times as many lack access to basic sanitation. As a consequence, poverty, migration, chronic diseases and loss of educational hours increase.

RAAS Group guarantees people access to water and its sustainable management, positioning itself as a key player in the water treatment sector. Its innovative management seeks to solve the challenges surrounding the scarcity of water resources.